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Castilla y Leon is one of the biggest province in Spain, located in the northern center of the country. The main cities in Castilla y Leon are Valladolid, Salamanca, Soria, Burgos y Leon.

The city of Valladolid sits on the Pisuerga River. The region is rather agricultural and grain is produced in the area. Industrial products made in the city include textiles, leather goods, paper, chemicals, automobiles, aluminum, and railway equipment. Among the principal points of interest are the Church of Santa María la Antigua, completed early in the 13th century; the 15th-century Colegio de Santa Cruz, which houses a museum; the 16th-century cathedral, an unfinished edifice in the late Renaissance style; and the last residence of Christopher Columbus. The city is also the site of the University of Valladolid (1346). The city of Valladolid served as the capital of Spain before Madrid.

Valladolid's population is about 335,000

The city of Salamanca sits on the Tormes River. The main point of interest is the Plaza Mayor, designed in part by Alberto Churriguera. It was built between 1729 and 1733, and completed in 1755 with the addition of the Ayuntamiento building (equivalent to the region's parliament). Its university (founded 1218) made Salamanca one of the learning centers of Europe. Also in the city is the Pontifical University of Salamanca(1134). Among the city's numerous historical and architectural landmarks are the Romanesque old cathedral, the new cathedral (completed 1733); the Church of San Esteban, and a 16th-century palace. A Roman bridge spans the Tormes. As an ancient city, it was captured by the Carthaginian general Hannibal in about 222 BC known as Salmantica in Roman times.

We find the following industries in the region: agricultural trade, food processing, and the manufacture of chemicals, pottery, leather, jewelry, and furniture.

Salamanca's population is 165,000

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