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Galicia is located on the northwestern part of Spain, the main cities being La Coruña, Lugo, Orense, Pontevedra, Vigo and the famous Santiago de Compostela.

Most of the people speak Galician, a language related to Portuguese. Galicia was a kingdom from 411 to 585 and again in the 11th century after the death of Ferdinand I, king of Castilla y León. It came under Spanish domination late in the 15th century. In 1833, it was divided into the present provinces.

The region is mainly agricultural; fishing and timber are also important. Galicia's population is now 2,880,000.

La Coruña is probably of Celtic origin. Miradors, or glazed window-balconies, are characteristic of the houses in La Coruña. Located in the city are the Tower of Hercules, a lighthouse built by the Romans and still in use; the 12th-century Church of Santiago; the 13th-century Church of Santa María del Campo; and a technical university.

La Coruña came under Roman control in the 1st century bc. La Coruña was the port from which the Spanish Armada sailed against England in 1588. In 1589 the port was taken and almost totally destroyed by the English navigator Sir Francis Drake. In 1809, during a battle of the Peninsular War between the British and the French, the British general Sir John Moore was killed and buried in La Coruña. La Coruña's population is about 250,000.


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